Google Forms: Creating a Scavenger Hunt

Over the summer, my son and I tried to find some interesting things to do around the city. After a short research, I found a company offering some exciting scavenger hunts around the country. There was a phone number to call and schedule the hunt, which I excitedly started dialing. The "tour operator" said that … Continue reading Google Forms: Creating a Scavenger Hunt

5 Awesome Google Forms Add-Ons

Google Forms is a powerful tool on its own, but you can super-charge it with add-ons. Add-ons are third-party tools that allow users to modify or enhance existing Google Forms (and Sheets) functionalities. Each add-on, which you get from the Chrome Web Store, usually "specializes" in one area, allowing you to tailor your Form or … Continue reading 5 Awesome Google Forms Add-Ons

Great Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom

If you haven’t been using Google Forms in your classroom on a regular basis, you don’t know what you’re missing! Google Forms started as a simple form-creating application, and since its inception in 2007, a lot has happened, especially for us educators. Google What? Google Forms allows educators to create questions, and assign a variety … Continue reading Great Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom