RSS for Education

The above image (from: is the RSS bundle I created (click the image to be linked to my bundle). I added several education-related websites to my Google Reader account, bundled them, and now they are joined together into one link. How convenient!

RSS feeds and Bundles can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. They can be used by students or teachers to organize their own work, and as a collaborative tool.

As teachers we always look for new and exciting information to use with our students. By locating useful websites and other web resources, creating RSS feeds, and bundling them together, we can be notified when new events and resources are added to our chosen sites. In turn, we will be able to add these resources to our “resource bank”, or alternatively share them with our students. Another way teachers can use these resources are by choosing resources to “bundle” and share with their students.

Students can use the RSS feeds and Bundles in a similar way to collect information about topics of interest or for research purposes. In addition, students can create these “bundles” together (each adding the sources they find) or even share “complete bundles” with each other.

Lastly, teachers can use RSS feeds and Bundles to monitor student work in a variety of ways. For example, if students have their own websites or blogs, teachers can be notified when each student updates his/her website or blog. Another example would be for teachers to monitor the contribution of each student (i.e., when researching) by looking at and commenting on individual bundles.

RSS feeds and Bundles are a part of standard 4.4 (Information Management) because they  allow you to manage information in a convenient and efficient way. Instead of constantly  searching for new or updated information, the information is organized and delivered to you, patiently waiting for you to view it.

2 thoughts on “RSS for Education

  1. Ronen,

    As always, your work is magnificent. I liked that you linked your bundle to your image. I also liked your write up. The thought of tracking 35 student blogs is a bit overwhelming, but using a bundle alert would really make it easier. Keep up the good work and slow down a bit. Whenever I look at your page I feel like I am behind, but it is only because you are getting so far ahead.



  2. Ronen,
    Great post. Nice and concise. The convenience aspect is what sold me on RSS feeds too. I cannot believe how easy they are to use! It brings the world to you. The simplest tools always seem to be the most powerful, why is that?! I want to use this as a collaborative tool as well. Most RSS feeds are controlled by one user. What would be the best way to set this up as a collaborative tool without the teacher being the “middle man” so to speak? Do you think this would work on a class wiki? That way everyone can contribute to a subject specific feed …


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